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We wish to thank all the ranchers who, through the years, have granted us access to their land, and who have also bestowed their hospitality on us so graciously.

There have been far too many volunteers to name who have lent their hands, backs, and eyes to the Bear Gulch Field Project through the years.  We wish to especially thank, however, Frank Arpino, Ron Bugosh, Carol DeBell, Bill Hopkins, Brian Kleinhaus, Myra Moore, and Bryan Snyder for their unstinting help and friendship.

We have received vital support and encouragement from the following organizations: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Earthwatch Institute, the National Science Foundation, the Paleontological Laboratory of the National Museum of Natural History (Paris), The Royal Ontario Museum, and St. Joseph’s University.

We thank Tom Bolioli, who originally set up this web site, and Dennis C. Murphy, who has totally modernized and organized it, for their wonderful help.

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