Getting Started with MASM32

The purpose of this assignment is to help you get started using MASM, the Microsoft Macro Assembler. Just as a compiler can produce assembler code that is translated to machine code for execution, we can also code in assembler directly (bypassing a high level language and the compiler). MASM is then used to "assemble" (compile) our assembly program into machine code that can be subsequently executed.

Step 1: Install MASM.

Follow the instructions on the course's software web page and install MASM. It is not necessary to install the debugger at this time.

Step 2: Create a working directory for your programs

Assuming that you are working with the J: drive, create a directory (folder) on your J: drive called asm. Copy the MASM template from the course's web page to asm. Copy the build.bat script to asm.

Step 3: Assemble (compile) and run the template code

Next, open a command window by performing the following so that you can type operating system commands directly. Again from the start menu, choose Run.... Enter cmd into the Run dialog box. Enter the command, J:, into the command window and hit return. This will make the J: drive your default drive. Enter the command, cd asm, to make the asm directory your default directory. Next, enter the command, build template, into the command window. No errors should appear and if you type in the command, dir, you should see template.exe. Finally, run this program by typing in the command, template.exe or simply, template.

A message should appear in the window. Using the editor of your choice, find this message in template.asm and change it to include your name as well. Save your changes, re-assemble template.asm, and run template.exe again.

Hand in a printout of your modified template.asm as well as a printout of the output message from your program. As usual, email this to me as well.