Interface Evaluation Format

Project Description

You are to observe your partner as they use an HTML editor to prepare a web page. . You can use yourself only if it is impossible for you to observe someone else. In any case try to observe for long enough to see a task through to completion. Your evaluation should answer the questions given in the following form.

Interface Evaluation Form

                 Interface Evaluation

Student:                         Date:  
Software Package:

Total Time Spent observing:

Narrative Description of the Subject's activities:
List times spent on subactivites and the various focus changes.

Modes of Interaction used by the subject:

Question the subject about their perceptions of the system:

Which features of the product are found convenient, which annoying etc.


Package Features Used by the Subject:

Unused Package features (why not?):

Actions facilitated by the package:

Actions that appeared awkward:

Recommend Improvements, give reasons.

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Last Changed: 2000/08/24