The object model of programming is based upon the following two basic principals (due to Alan Kay a designer of Smalltalk):

  1. "Everything we can describe can be represented by the recursive composition of a single kind of behavioural building block that hides its combination of state and process inside itself and can be dealt with only through the exchange of messages"
  2. Objects cna be considered as the manifestation of ideas or concepts.

Note how this encapsulation idea is more abstract than the "sequence, choice, iteration" model of structured programming. Because it is more abstract it is more powerful.

The consequences of the object view are incarnated in the following statements:

The Object Oriented User Interface OOUI is a method of incorporating the object view of the world into the construction of a user interface. By narrowing the cognitive gap between the design and the implementation it tries to simplify the process of constructing the interface.

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Last Changed: 24 April 1995