Scope of the Committee

X3J17 serves as the US Technical Advisory Group working on the ISO standard for Prolog, a language based upon logic programming.

The first part of the standard was approved by the international working group in early 1995 and is now available (ANSI is one place to go to get the document) The standard defines a portable set of Prolog builtin predicates and their semantics.

The group is currently working on part 2 which will cover modules. A CD was circulated for a vote in late 1995. WG17 met in March 1996 to reconcile the comments on the ballot.

Current Membership

Other Current Documents

Postcript version of Minutes of July 1995 meeting
Postscript version of the Agenda for the Boston Meeting April 1996.
Postscript version of the Agenda for the Seattle Meeting July 1997.
Postscript version of the Agenda for the Phladelphia Meeting July 1998.
REVISED 2 October 1998 Compressed Tar file containing validation suite for conformance with Part 1 of the standard

Other Photographs

Group pictures of WG17 (the international standard group, taken at the August 1994 meeting held in Waltham Mass. August 1993. Sponsored by GTE. Picture taken by the convenor, Roger Scowen.


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