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Spring, 2019 | 610.660.1804 | | Office - 222 Post | Lab - 309 Post


My current courses for the Spring 2019 Semester are listed below:

Advanced Research Methods and Statistics II: PSY 552 (Graduate): Advanced statistical design will address advanced research methods and statistical procedures appropriate for the conceptualization of psychological research and analysis of multivariate psychological data. Topics will focus on providing methodological and statistical issues and expertise relevant for conducting and analyzing research using the following techniques: multiple and logistic regression, (multivariate) analysis of (co)variance, discriminant analysis, canonical correlation, and factor analysis. Practical understanding of these techniques will be achieved through hands-on conceptualization and analysis of research questions using large sample databases and SPSS.

Introductory Psychology: PSY 101 (Undergraduate): Introductory Psychology is an introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and problems associated with the scientific investigation of human and animal behavior. Although this course is primarily conducted on a lecture basis, students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom discussions and demonstrations as well as to ask questions and make relevant comments throughout the semester.

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