Hypnosis: Debate

1. Behavior

For: People do things under hypnosis that they do not normally do (act like a dog, do amazing feats)

Against: Provides a social context that allows behavior

2. Amnesia

For: Clearly people have amnesia for what occurs during hypnosis

Against: Information processing theory -- actually an issue of memory encoding

3. Surgery without anasthesia

For: There are many reports of patients undergoing surgery without anasthesia

Against: Result of imagery and supports ability to do so. For: But why canÕt call that state hypnosis?

4. Effect is consistent over time and culture

For: Clearly a cross-cultural phenomenon

Against: It is that cultural belief that indoctrinates people to believe in it.

5. Personality trait

For: Highly susceptible vs. low susceptible

6. Psychophysiological Effects

For: Japanese study with poison ivy/maple leaf

Against: Mind is extremely strong

7. Use of hypnosis as a treatment

For: Studies clearly show that hypnosis can be an effective tx for smoking, wt loss

Against: Similar to placebo effect

8. Clearly an altered state of consciousness

For: A person who is hypnotized is in altered state of consciousness

Against: Crux of hypnosis -- it is imagery and absorption

9. PET scans

For: Different areas of the brain light up

Against: Same as with deep absorption

10. Profession/Seen it/Not faking it

For: Hey, there are professionals who do this and IÕve seen it

Against: Quack, quack