PSY 101
Exam 1 Study Guide
Spring 2019: Philip Schatz, Ph.D.


  • Identifying characteristics of the structuralist, functionalist, behaviorist, psychoanalyst, humanist, and gestalt movement.
  • Sub-fields in Psychology
  • Psychological Research/Scientific Method

Biological Basis of Behavior:

  • Parts of a neuron; direction which messages travel.
  • What is an action potential.
  • What is a synapse; what happens here.
  • The autonomic nervous system; fight vs. flight syndrome.
  • Localization theory.
  • Luria's Units
  • Split brain research.
  • Left vs. right hemisphere.
  • Frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital lobe

Sensation and Perception:

  • Visual perception:
    • rods vs. cones
    • adaptation
    • opponent process theory
    • color vision
  • Auditory/Vestibular System:
    • motion sickness
  • Taste and Smell
  • Tactile Sensation


  • Stages of sleep
  • REM sleep
  • Rebound effects
  • Sleep disorders: apnea, narcolepsy, night terror