• Visual Agnosia
    • Sachs-Man Who Mistook
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    • (Luria) Primary zone
    • can recognize motor movements, other sensory input
    • cannot copy or recognize objects
    • can draw from memory
  • Cognitive Vision
    Visual information is primarily processed in the occipital cortex from where it is passed to two principal locations, the posterior parietal lobes (whose functions are to process the whole visual scene and to cooperate with the frontal lobes to accord attention to areas of interest and to plan motor action) and the temporal lobes (which are responsible for according recognition to what is being looked at).

  • Phantom sensations
    • Sachs-Phantoms
    • Sensations, Disappearing limbs, Positional
  • Proprioception
    • "awareness of the relative position of trunk and limbs, derived from receptors in the joints and tendons"
    • Sachs-On the Level
      • "triple control system" - vestibular, proprioceptive, visual
      • Parkinson's destroyed proprioceptive system
    • Sachs-The Man who Fell Out of Bed
    • Apraxia
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      • Usually associated with right parietal lesions and part of a neglect syndrome
      • Many other types
  • Sachs-Reminiscence
  • Penfield