Something I owe to the soil that grew-
    more to the life that fed-
But most to Allah who gave me two
    separate sides of my head

I would go without shirts or shoes
    friends, tobacco or bread
Sooner than for an instant lose
    either side of my head

      Kipling, 1901

Clinical Presentation:
Pictures From Bradshaw, J.L. & Mattingly, J.B. (1995). Clinical Neuropsychology: Behavioral and Brain Science. Academic Press: San Diego.

(From Mesulam, 1985)



When the neglect is severe, the patient may behave almost as if one half of the universe had abruptly ceased to exist in any meaningful form... Patients with unialteral neglect behave not only as if nothing were actually happening inthe left hemispace, but also as if nothing of any importance could be expected to occur there.

    M. Mesulam, 1985