The course project requires you to pick a specific neurological or neuropsychological condition or disorder and provide a summary of the following:

Topic: You are required to choose a topic no later than Oct 13. You must have your topic approved by Dr. Schatz.

Guidelines: The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and no shorter than 10 pages of actual text. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages total. You will provide a "face sheet" summarizing the content of the paper to be used by Dr. Schatz during the last two weeks of class. A template for the face sheet is provided here.

You should include references for the paper beyond Sachs, Luria, and the articles. Feel free to include references from on-line sources, journal articles, or scholarly works. Articles from periodicals such as Psychology Today, or Newsweek are not appropriate.

Grading: The project accounts for 50 (out of 300) points, or approximately 17% of your final grade in the course. Grading is generally subjective, but papers which address the areas listed above and include a comprehensive face sheet will be appropriately rewarded.

Due Dates: The topic selection is due on Oct 13. The paper is due the last day of class (Dec. 11). Late assignments will receive no less than one full letter grade deduction.