Research Seminar in Neuropsychology
PSY 2751 Spring 2007 Dr. Schatz
Final Study Guide
  1. Review all the questions from the quizzes.
  2. Review the assigned readings, with particular emphasis on the main points we discussed in class. If we did not talk about it, it will not be on the exam.
  3. The exam will contain some multiple choice, one-word identification and fill in the blank, and short answer questions. There will be no essay questions.
  4. The following articles/materials should be reviewed:

One more thing...

On your syllabus, you will see that Attendance and Participation account for a portion of your grade.

You will also find the following on the syllabus:

ATTENDANCE and PARTICIPATION POLICY: This is an upper-level applied research course within your chosen major. Attendance will be actively monitored, and your attendance and participation is not only required, but expected to make this course both relevant and interesting. You are now Juniors and Seniors, so anyone claiming that they are "shy" or "don't feel comfortable talking in class" should either get over it, seek supportive counseling services, or choose another class. You will be expected to generate and respond to questions in class. This will be a challenging course that introduces complex material, and I cannot imagine that anyone will be able to fully understand and master the material on first-pass. As such, your questions are vital and necessary. At times, class demonstrations and discussions will further illuminate the content of assigned readings, making this more than a course run by a "talking head".

I will be asking you a (non-graded) question on the final asking you to grade yourself on Attendance and on Participation. Think about how much you did or did not lend to the course, and be prepared to communicate your position on this topic.

Essentially, did you:

  1. Read the articles ahead of time, and outline or highlight them?
  2. Bring your summaries or highlighted articles to class, and ask questions?
  3. Generate or respond to questions?
  4. Contribute to, or "make your mark" on, the class in any manner?

(One thing I do not hope to achieve by including this on your study guide is to start a dialog with you now... )