Writing Interview Questions, due Tuesday April 24

American Roots FYS


Please hand in a one-page list of questions, following this outline.


Your Name:

Name of Interviewee:

Summary of what you know about him/her already:


Required questions

            Which artists have most inspired you?

            What about those artists do you admire?

            What does the word “authenticity” mean to you, as it relates to music?

            In what way is your music authentic?


Musical biography

            This section includes questions about childhood and early musical influences, when the person started performing or writing songs, how his/her music has changed over time, and what his/her plans are for the future.  If appropriate, you could ask if the person’s age/gender/ethnicity/disability has caused any particular challenges.


Musical style

            You could ask about one of the interviewee’s songs that you like, have them explain one of their songs in detail, ask technical musical questions (how do you get this sound on the guitar), etc.  You could also ask about anything challenging or edgy in their lyrics.



            You could ask questions about stage persona, dress, relationship with fans, choice of band name, etc. 


Personal questions

            How deep you want to go with this depends on the person and how well you know him or her.  If it seems appropriate, you can ask about faith, politics, or family background.  If the person isn’t a full-time musician, you could ask about their “day job” and how it relates to music.


Other questions

            Anything that’s unusual about the person’s bio is fair game.  I’m sure that you can think of many other great questions!