Preparing for Your Second Song Presentation

American Roots FYS


The second presentations will be on Thursday March 22.  ItÕs OK for students to work in pairs, but each person has to turn in a report written in his or her own words.


For this report, I would like you to find a song or tune that is related to your research project in some way. If you would like the class to sing with you and the song is not in Rise Up Singing!, please email lyrics to me by Wednesday night and tell me where to find to a recording of the song.


Essay.  In addition to the presentation, you should turn in a 1-2 page typewritten essay summarizing the history of the song or tune and the sources you found (either recordings, printed lyrics, or sheet music).  Comment on anything noteworthy about the sources. Please also attach all the versions of the lyrics or sheet music that you found (lyrics donÕt count in the page total).  If your song is a traditional or old song, you should follow the instructions from the first presentation about finding sources. 


Bibliography.  Attach a bibliography of all the sources you used, using Chicago, MLA, or APA citation style.  Remember that you should NOT use YouTube as a source for commercially available albums.


Presentation. You should give a brief verbal introduction to the history of your song, then perform it.  ItÕs not necessary to sing lots of verses; IÕd rather that you try to memorize one or two verses and perform them confidently.


Grading.  These performances will not be graded on musical ability; rather, I expect you to demonstrate that you have put thought and effort into the presentation. One way you can demonstrate effort is to memorize the lyrics or tune. Students who are already proficient in one style will be encouraged to challenge themselves by learning a new instrument or unfamiliar style; they will not receive credit for something they already know how to do.  In contrast, students who are new to music making may ask the class to sing along with them, or present a dance or childrenÕs game. You could also choose to present a tune—an instrumental melody—if you play an instrument.  If you play a backup instrument such as guitar you can ask a classmate or me to play the melody.