Discussion assignments for Tuesday, Feb 14: Singing Family. 


You should finish reading the book and be particularly prepared to answer questions on your assigned chapter.  If you are designated a discussion leader for a chapter, please work with your group to come up with about five good questions to get discussion going.



Chapter 10

                  Discussion leader:      Rachel


1.       Sometimes we assume that Christmas was always more or less celebrated the same way in this country.  What does this chapter reveal about the history of Christmas in Appalachia?

2.       Does your family observe any holiday traditions (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)?  What are they?  Are there particular foods that you eat?  What about music?  Do you open presents at any particular time.  Do these traditions come from your dad’s or mom’s family?

3.       Why do you think Ritchie chooses to tell the story of the “brown doll,” even though it doesn’t reflect well on her?


                  Respondents:                   Raymund, Evan, Neil, Katie


Chapter 9

                  Discussion leaders:    Jesse, Jana, Raymund, Emily, Tom


                  Respondents:                   Mike, Billy, Marcela, Jen


Chapter 11

                  Discussion leaders:    Billy, Jen, Rich, Marcela, Mike


                  Respondents:                   Jessie, Stephen, Mariah, Jeff


Chapter 12

                  Discussion leaders:    Katie, Jeff, Mariah, Evan, Stephen


                  Respondents:                   Greg, Patrick, Mechela, Dan


Chapter 13

                  Discussion leaders:    Mechela, Dan, Greg, Neil, Patrick


                  Respondents:                   Emily, Tom, Jana, Rich