Math 1261, Spring 2008

Instructor: Dr. Rachel Hall
Office: 229 Barbelin
Office Hours: T 10:30-11:30, W 9:30-10:30, F 12-1
Telephone: (610) 660-3096 (Office)

Course Description: This course covers the fundamental topics of integration, functions of several variables, and differential equations with emphasis on methods and applications to real-world problems. It is especially directed towards Biology, Business and Social Science majors in order to provide a valuable and useful device to help them solve problems.

Course Goals:  The student who successfully completes this course should be able to

Prerequisite:  MAT 1251 or placement. If you have concerns about your placement in the class, please discuss them with me in the first week of classes.

Text:  Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, 7th edition, by S. T. Tan, Thomson, 2007.  We will cover chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, and some supplementary material.

Calculators: You should bring a graphing calculator to every class.  You can use any calculator that does not do symbolic differentiation (in the TI system, you can use anything below TI-89).  Please see me if you are in doubt about your calculator.

Homework:  Learning mathematics, like learning to play a musical instrument or becoming a good athlete, requires LOTS of practice. A college class has less than half the classroom time of a comparative high school class, so you may have to spend much more time on calculus outside of class than you are used to.  Daily assignments will be given in class.  You should start working on the homework problems for a section as soon as that section is covered in class.  Although the homework will not be collected, most students find that completing the homework is essential for success in calculus.

Homework portfolio:  In order to accommodate different learning styles, I am offering the option of replacing the lowest test grade or all quiz grades by a homework portfolio, due the last day of classes.  Strict policies apply, including the academic honesty policy.  If you wish to take this option, you must discuss it with me before the first test and pick up a homework log form.

Quizzes:  There will be 15-minute quizzes given in class every Friday when there is not an exam, giving ten quizzes.  Quizzes are based on homework problems (in fact, some quiz problems will be identical to homework problems).  There are no makeup quizzes, but your lowest two grades will be dropped.

Tests: There will be four tests, scheduled for February 6, February 27, March 26, and April 16 (all Wednesdays).  A cumulative final exam will be given on Thursday, May 1, 2:00-4:00 pm.   Makeup tests will only be given to students who contact me by email ( or phone (610-660-3096) within 48 hours of missing a test.  Students with a valid, verifiable reason for missing a test or the final may take a makeup without penalty if they bring a note; those who have missed a test without a valid, verifiable reason may take a makeup with a 30% penalty, assuming that they contact me within 48 hours.   Valid excuses include illness, death in the family, or an official university activity such as an athletic event. 

Grades: Grades will be weighted as follows:

320 points:                  four test grades (each is worth 80 points)
200 points:                  final exam grade
80 points:                    quiz grades (each is worth 10 points; lowest two grades dropped)

The grade cutoffs are 560 A, 540 A-, 520 B+, 500 B, 480 B-, 460 C+, 440 C, 420 C-, 400 D+, 360 D, and below 360 F. Grades may be curved at the end of the semester. You have the option of replacing either your total quiz grade or your lowest test grade with your final exam grade.  If you submit a homework portfolio, you can replace two grades—one with your final exam, and the other with the portfolio.

Academic Honesty: Dishonesty includes cheating on a test, falsifying data, misrepresenting the work of others as your own (plagiarism), and helping another student cheat or plagiarize. At the very least, an academic honesty infraction will result in the filing of a violation report and a grade of zero on that particular assignment; serious or repeated infractions of the Academic Honesty policy will result in failure of the course. For complete information about the University’s policy on Academic Honesty, consult the Student Handbook 2007-2008.

Attendance: Class attendance is mandatory.  Although I do not have a rigid cut policy, anyone who has missed lots of classes and is doing poorly in the course should not expect much sympathy from me.  If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain the notes and assignments from another.  (There are no makeup quizzes; see my makeup test policy if you miss a test.)

Students with Disabilities:  Students who have or think they may have a disability (learning, physical, or psychological) are encouraged to contact Services for Students with Disabilities, Room 113, Science Center, 610-660-1774 or 610-660-1620 as early as possible in the semester.  Accommodations can only be provided to a student with current documentation (within 3 years).  Students are encouraged to discuss their instructional needs and accommodations (“reasonable academic adjustments”) with their professors early in the semester.  All student requests for extended time to take quizzes or exams in a distraction free environment must be discussed with the professor a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled date of the quiz, test, or final exam.  The student must complete the Extended-Time Request Form, obtain the professor’s approval, and submit the form to the office of Services for Students with Disabilities a minimum of 3 days prior to the date of the scheduled exam.  Failure to follow these procedures could result in a denial of the request.  Exceptions to exam schedules requires prior written approval of the professor.

Schedule (subject to change):


Weeks 1-3

Sections 6.1-6.5

February 6

First Test

Weeks 4-6

Sections 6.6-7.3

February 27

Second Test

March 1-8

Spring Break

March 12

Freshman Grades Due

March 21-24

Easter Break

Weeks 5-9

Sections 7.4-8.2

March 26

Third Test

March 31

Last Withdraw

Weeks 6-12

Sections 8.3-9.1

April 16

Fourth Test

Weeks 13-14

Sections 9.2-9.3; Review

April 25

Last Day of Class

May 1, 2-4 pm

Final Exam (Room TBA)