Calculus III

Math 1371
Dr. Rachel Hall
Saint Joseph's University

Newton & Calculus

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Topics covered:
  1. Series.  Review of series concepts, power series expansion and interval of convergence, Taylor and Maclaurin series.
  2. Parametric equations and polar coordinates.  Parametric equations, tangents, areas, polar coordinate system, graphs, areas.
  3. Vectors and the geometry of space.  Vectors and vector operations, dot and cross products, equations of lines and planes, quadric surfaces, cylindrical and spherical coordinates.
  4. Vector functions.  Vector functions and space curves, differentiation and integration of vector functions, arc length, velocity and acceleration.
  5. Partial derivatives.   Functions of several variables, limits and continuity, partial derivatives, tangent planes, the chain rule, directional derivatives and the gradient vector, maximum and minimum values, Lagrange multipliers.
  6. Multiple integrals.  Double integrals over rectangles, iterated integrals, double integrals over general regions, double integrals in polar coordinates, triple integrals.

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