Homework policies.

Homework assignments will be posted on this page.   You should start working on the homework problems for a section as soon as that section is covered in class.   I will not collect the homework,  but I strongly urge you to do it, as your quiz and test problems will be based on homework problems.  I will also post solutions to homework problems on the web.

Homework assigned.

Assignment #1:  Number Systems
Posted September 1st.  This assignment represents roughly the first 2-3 weeks of class, so you won't be able to do every problem yet.

Solutions to Assignment #1.

Assignment #2:  Arithmetic.
Posted September 23rd.  This covers the material through October 1st.

Assignment #3:  Estimation.
Posted October 24th.  This covers the material through October 31st.

Assignment #4:  Areas and the Pythagorean Theorem.
Posted November 21st.

Assignment #5:  Sona Drawings and Celtic Knots.
Posted November 26th.