Turning off QuickTime

Go to Start / Settings / Control Panel.† Go to the Classic View if youíre not there already.† Click on the QuickTime icon.† Choose Browser Plug-in / MIME Settings.† Open the folder for Audio settings and turn off MIDI.

Configuring Internet Explorer to play MIDI files (I think you wonít have to do this once QuickTime is turned off)

To change Media bar settings

  1. In Internet Explorer, click Media on the toolbar to open the Media bar.
  2. Click Media Options, point to Settings, and then click the settings you want to turn on or off. A check mark next to a setting indicates that the setting is turned on.

Click this

To do this

CHECK: Play web media in the bar

Automatically play digital media files opened from Internet Explorer in the Media Bar instead of the default player.

CHECK: Ask for preferred types

Be prompted when you try to open a media file from the Web by being asked if you want to open that file in the Media bar. When you open a file in the Media bar, the file type for the file is saved. If the Remember my preference check box is selected, when you open a file with that file type again, it will be opened in the Media bar.

CLICK:† Reset preferred types

Clear the list of file types that automatically open in the Media bar.


Once you have reset the preferred types, Internet Explorer will ask you what program to use when you next try to play a MIDI file.† At that point, choose Windows Media Player, and click on Remember my Preference.