Homework policies.

There will be five assignments, of which I will count the highest four grades.  You should start working on the homework problems for a section as soon as that section is covered in class.   Although you are encouraged to consult  other students and seek help from me, homework should ultimately represent your own work.  Answers unsupported by work will not receive credit.  Not all problems may be graded.

Homework assignments are due in class on the day assigned.  No late homework will be accepted.  I ask that you write on one side of the page only, staple your pages together, and cut off any messy edges.

Homework assigned.

Assignment #1, due Thursday, September 20.
Assignment #2, due Monday, October 8th.
Assignment #3, due Monday, November 5th.
Assignment #4, due Thursday, November 29th.
Assignment #5, due Wednesday, December 12th.