Multicultural Mathematics

Math 1011
Section 102
Fall 2004

Dr. Rachel Hall
Saint Joseph's University

Mayan Mathematics & The Dresden Codex

Welcome to the class web site for Multicultural Mathematics!

Topics we'll cover this semester: 

  • Introduction to mathematics and ethnomathematics. Differing definitions of mathematics, the background to ethnomathematics, overview of world mathematics.
  • Number systems and arithmetic.  Spoken numbers, body counting, counting devices, written numbers, bases, modular arithmetic, algorithms for arithmetical operations
  • Beyond the counting numbers.  Egyptian fractions, sexagesimals and decimals, rational and irrational numbers, estimating square roots, estimating pi
  • Special topics in mathematics, art, and music.
    • Symmetry in math and art.  Symmetry, strip patterns, wallpaper patterns, fractals
    • The mathematics of sona drawings and Celtic knots.  Art and the GCD and LCM, traceable graphs, knot theory
    • The mathematics of drumming.  Rhythm and Fibonacci numbers, Pascal's triangle, the GCD and LCM, the algebra of composition
Here are some useful links. Images are from the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.

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