Project 2
Multicultural Mathematics
Dr. Rachel Hall

The project is due Friday, December 10th, in class.

You should be prepared to make a short presentation of the project--show the class your project and discuss the mathematical and artistic methods you have used to make the project.  If you made a sona design plus a story, tell the story, and if you made a drum composition, play it for the class.  Projects should be the product of about 4 or 5 hours work.  They will be graded on creativity, complexity, and use of concepts we discussed in class or in the readings.  Projects should also be original--that is, not a reproduction or variation of traditional artwork or of artwork by another artist.

Choose one of the following:

BONUS:  get your work published!  I have written an article about this class that will be published next Spring in a magazine called PRIMUS.  I am looking for one or two examples of student work for my article.  With your permission, the best student projects will appear in the article (if it's a drum composition, I'll put a link in the article to the MIDI file).